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At times, you may need to seek the court’s assistance to protect you from your spouse or a former partner. Our firm is experienced in both seeking Protection From Abuse (P.F.A.) Orders, and defending these allegations.

Situations ranging from harassment to stalking to threats or actual acts of physical violence or emotional abuse may call for a party to seek a P.F.A. Order. You also may need to seek protection on behalf of your child.

If you have been served with Protection from Abuse order for allegations that are not true and are without grounds, we can help provide a defense to have the P.F.A. Order dismissed.

You do not have to live in fear or with threats of a spouse, former spouse, or current or former partner. Contact us to discuss the need for protection from abused actions when your safety is at risk.

I can help you through this critical time in your life. Call Ronald F. Lawry, Esquire today at 412-445-2272.

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