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The topic of a last will is often an uneasy subject to discuss, but it is important to have a properly executed will so that your hard-earned assets will be distributed in the manner that you wish. It is my responsibility to work with you to make sure that your relatives, friends, or favorite organizations receive the property items and funds that you want them to receive.

Having a will also eliminates potential disputes that may arise among your loved ones if you have not clearly expressed how you want your estate distributed.

I can draft your will simply and quickly. Together, we will review all of the assets you have and discuss how you want each of them to be distributed.  We will also discuss the important role your executor will play.

Remember, wills can be changed from time-to-time at your wish, for whatever reason you see fit, and my firm can work with you in updating or revising existing wills as circumstances in your life change.

My task is to make sure that your will is carefully written so that your wishes are followed to the letter and that there are no unclear items that may lead to a dispute between your family and loved ones. As a notary public, I can not only draft and prepare your will, but also coordinate its signing and notarization.

My firm also handles probate work on an estate. I can help make sure a final will is properly executed and all proper documents are completed and filed with the court on a timely basis. My representation will be with you from probating the will and having the executor sworn in to filing the Inheritance tax and final report.

I can help you through this critical time in your life. Call Ronald F. Lawry, Esquire today at 412-445-2272.

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