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The law sees marriage as a legal relationship between two people. Many legal issues arise when a marriage is about to be dissolved and you may need help finding your way through the court system.

My firm can help you when it comes to determining what assets you will receive and what debts you will be assigned. I can work with you to try to reach an agreement on issues such as alimony, distribution of retirement plans, bank accounts, credit card debt, and personal property items such as cars, furniture, and other items in your home. If an agreement can’t be reached, I will represent you in court to make sure your position is clearly explained and you are awarded a fair share of your assets and are not assigned an unfair share of the debt. I will work with you to present and review options and alternative solutions in your case that may help reach a settlement that you can be comfortable with as you move forward with your life.

However, if an agreement can’t be reached, my practice is experienced in working with you through the court process, including a final court hearing. In this case, I will present your position clearly and completely to make sure you get a fair resolution when it comes to what property items, funds and debts are allocated to you.

We are also able to assist individuals who have reached agreements on all issues on their own, and who are looking for help preparing the necessary documents that have to be drafted and filed with the court so that their divorce can be finalized in a quick, efficient, and final manner.

My responsibility in working with you on your divorce is to make sure every item that is part of the marital estate – basically, anything acquired during the marriage, regardless of whose name an account, vehicle, or home is in – is properly valued so that when the final resolution of your case is completed, you will receive a fair distribution of all items of your marriage. This is an extremely critical time in your life as you begin a new chapter – my firm can help you with how it starts.

“I can also help you if you and your spouse have reached an agreement on how to divide your property, and simply need assistance preparing and filing the proper documents with the court so that your divorce can be finalized in a quick and efficient manner, without you needing to make any court appearances.”

I can help you through this critical time in your life. Call Ronald F. Lawry, Esquire today at 412-445-2272.

“I understand each person has their own schedule, and I’m available by telephone, email or in person meetings at times that are convenient for you.”

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