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Each parent has a legal obligation to support their children.

Child support is based on state guidelines that include several factors, including each parent’s income and the number of overnights each parent enjoys with their children. My firm can assist you in reaching a fair support obligation, and is experienced in representing parties at child support hearings. While the child support guidelines offer a presumptive obligation, there are other factors that an experienced family law attorney can make sure are presented to the court so that a fair obligation is reached. In short, every factor that is relevant to a support obligation must be presented to the court at a hearing.

My firm is also able to work with you in the event that a paying parent is not meeting their obligation; we can prepare the necessary documents and represent you in court hearings to enforce the court’s orders and make sure you are getting payments owed to you.

Circumstances can also change over time and child support obligations may also need to be reviewed. A change in the custody plan, the emancipation of a child, or a change in the income of either party – either through a pay increase or loss of employment – may merit a modification of the support obligation. We can help you determine when such a change would bring a change in the support amount.

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