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One of the most important issues in any court case is the determination of how much time each parent will get to spend with their child after a relationship between the parents ends.

The court determines custody based upon the best interests of the children. Generally, the best interest of any child is served if each parent is actively involved and has consistent contact with their children.

My firm can work with you throughout the entire custody process, including filing the necessary motion for custody, attending conferences, providing input to you on reasonable and fair custody plans, developing custody options, and representing you at a hearing if a custody agreement cannot be reached and the case needs to be settled in court.

I will work with you to review all factors in your case that a court or court-appointed evaluator will look at prior to making their recommendations or issuing final orders. It is my responsibility to put you in the best place possible so that your custody time with your child is maximized.

On occasion, a parent may seek to leave the area and re-locate to another state, thereby significantly changing the custody plan. I have experience in representing both individuals who are seeking to move with their child, and the parent who is remaining in the area and does not want to lose custody time because of a relocation of the other parent.

My firm is also experienced in working with parents who have limited custody time and want to increase their time through modifications of existing court orders.

Not all custody matters have to be decided by the court. I am able to help you work out an agreement that both parents are satisfied with and believe serve their child’s best interests. But in the event such agreement can’t be reached, I can assist in preparing and presenting your case to the court.

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