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A spouse who makes less money than the other spouse may seek – and be entitled to – an award of alimony.

There are several types of alimony. Alimony Pendente Lite is the support awarded to a spouse during the litigation stage of a divorce preceding. Its objective is to keep both parties on equal financial footing while their divorce is being resolved. Spousal support, similar to Alimony Pendente Lite, is awarded to the lower income spouse during a time of separation when no divorce has been filed, but the parties have begun living separately.

Once the marriage has been dissolved by a divorce, the issue of whether an award of alimony to a lower-income spouse is reviewed. An award of alimony – like all issues in a divorce – either by agreement or through the courts.

Parties seeking alimony may need short-term assistance until education can be completed, or until they can move up to a livable income through additional years of employment experience. Others may need long-term alimony based upon their employment history or physical health.

My firm is experienced in working with individuals where alimony is warranted after a marriage is dissolved. We can review with you the factors the court will look at in determining an alimony claim, including the length of marriage, income of the parties, and whether the party seeking alimony is incapable of supporting himself or herself through employment. I can also help you determine the proper length of an alimony award, given the circumstances of your particular case.

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